Territorial Training - The Redesdale and Hareshaw Army Camps

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Northumberland National Park - Arts Programme

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100 Lives - Monday 18th May 2015 to Friday 24th July

Revealed for the first time, several historic and not so historic images of people from the Heritage Centre's extensive photographic archive of local people.

Spot friends, neighbours and family on our Walls of Local Fame.

Help us identify the many unknown people, captured at home or at work, at leisure or very much 'at play'.

Scattered throughout the 'walls' will be specially-taken images of local people today, taken by talented members of North Tyne Photography Group.

This will be the third collaboration between the Heritage Centre and this force of creative and prolific photographers.

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W.P. Collier (1875-1937): The Development of a Photographer - Monday 27 July 2015 to Friday 18 September

This exhibition celebrates the 140th anniversary of the birth of Walter Percy Collier on 20 July 1875. Though known as the photographer of Bellingham, he was born in Newcastle, moved to Manchester, married a girl from Bootle on Merseyside in 1905, opened a shop in Great Crosby, moved to Formby and returned to Newcastle to work with his brother-in-law. And all this happened before he opened his shop in Bellingham around 1913!

This new exhibition will display the early photographs that WP Collier took on Merseyside and later on Tyneside for his brother-in-law, Harry Ord Thompson, but there will be many local pictures as well. There will be a display of family photography from the formal Victorian portrait to the amateur snapshot, with some of the early photographic kits. The 1930s darkroom was a world away from the instant images of the digital camera and mobile phone.

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Over the Hills - Tales from a Northumbrian Farm - Sunday 20 September 2015 Sunday 1 November

Kim Lewis has written and illustrated over 20 picture-books for children, which have been translated into several languages and sold worldwide. In this exhibition, her original artwork, storyboards, photographs, sketchbooks and objects show how Kim turned her family’s farm, along with the animals, people and places she knows so well into the stories and pictures that we love.

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Sewing the Landscape - Monday 30th March 2015 to Friday 15th May

Amongst the beautiful textiles featured in this exhibition are two amazing fabric pieces. The first is a fabric map of Northumberland National Park, created by Claire Satow and Clare Armstrong. First exhibited in the Queen’s hall, Hexham, this intricate piece of work celebrates the plethora of flora, fauna, geographical features and cultural heritage that makes the Park so special and loved. It took two years to complete and over a hundred people contributed to it.

The second fascinating piece has been produced by Hexham Embroiderers’ Guild and depicts a dry stone wall and the many species of flora and fauna living on it. Other intricate textiles work depicting the cycle of a beehive by members of the Guild will also be on display.

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The Nature of Line

29th March - 9th May

North-East designer and illustrator, David Hall, has a strong natural history and graphic element in his designs and illustrations. In a very successful career, he has completed archaeological, historical, animal and plant life and fantasy illustrations, pen and ink art, hand-stencil, giclee and screen prints. He has designed exhibitions for English Heritage, Morpeth Co Council, the University of Newcastle and Alnwick Castle, amongst others. He was also the designer of the Hareshaw Linn Walk leaflet and has completed several commissions for the Heritage Centre.

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Two Northumberland artists and their landscapes

11th May–20th June

Sue Moorhouse paints the landscapes where she lives, whether it be the deserts of the Middle East, the forests of Northumberland or the routes she travels daily. Quality of light plays a great part in her work and her present inspiration comes from the colours and shapes found in her garden. Richard Massey is a professional photographer with 32 years experience. Self-taught, he has developed a unique style that makes his photographs instantly recognizable. He crafts photographs of all types of subjects and enjoys a spectrum of challenges such as still life, landscapes and group portraits.

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Local faces in local places

23rd June–1st August

This is a fascinating selection of portraits photographed by the very talented North Tyne Photography Group in the shops, cafes and pubs around the North Tyne and Redesdale, using natural light. A preliminary selection of these photographs formed a successful exhibition in the Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham, in the spring of 2014. The Group has been adding to the collection since then and you may see many people you recognise in this exhibition.

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Postcards of 'The Front'

3rd August– 14th September

Mike Gibson has been collecting World War 1 postcards for many years and there cannot be another similar collection of postcards anywhere else in the North-East, featuring such a comprehensive variety of content. David Walmsley, who has co-curated this exhibition, says that this has got to be the most visual account of WW1 philately to be exhibited in the region and should be seen by everyone.

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Personal Journeys

16th September–31st October

This is a quilting and textiles extravaganza, presented by celebrated quilter, Gillian Arkley, and award-winning textiles artist, Helen Cowans. Textiles and quilts of their personal quilting journeys, featuring Northumberland landscapes, eastern patterns and a riot of colour will be exhibited. Quilting groups, sewing groups and anyone with an interest in art and the landscape should really enjoy it.

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