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Exhibitions for 2019

We have three exhibitions during 2019:

  1. Celebrating the Heritage Centre's 25th Anniversary which occurs on 10th June
  2. The Bellingham Peace Celebrations which were held 19th July 1919
  3. The Forestry Commission 100th Anniversary which was founded 1st September 1919

In addition on 28th April we have our The " Annual Classic and Vintage Vehicle Day.".

We hope to see you at all of these events!

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Exhibitions for 2018
There are four temporary exhibitions during 2018 we hope you will come and see at the Heritage Centre:

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What does 2018 bring?

In 2018 we hope to revamp the entrance and lobby to the centre making it a more attractive and useable welcome for the visitor.

We are also looking at some audio guide equipment for visitors to use to explain some of the key parts of the museum exhibition as they walk around it.

Our website will be revamped in 2018 and we hope to offer more facilities and information for both visitors and Friends of the Museum.

It looks to be an exciting year - please revisit the website to keep track of these developments as they progress - we will keep you informed.

Thank you.

AGM 2018

The 2018 AGM of the Heritage Centre at Bellingham will be held at the MURC Hall, Bellingham on Thursday 15 February at 1915.

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