We sell the largest collection of local history materials for the area – books that tell fascinating tales about our reiver, railway, farming and mining history, and CDs and DVDs which will immerse you in our proud literary and musical heritage.

We also hold the extensive Walter Percy Collier photographic archive, accessed via two computers in the Heritage Centre. No other photographer has captured the 25 years of life between the two world wars in NW Northumberland with such amazing detail. Buying one of his prints gives you a special memento of your visit and will help us maintain and build up our archive.

We’re still working how best to share our heritage with you online (but with so few volunteers whose time is spent keeping the Heritage Centre open, it’s not easy). Fortunately we’re supported by the local Tourist Information Office who can help with any book purchases over the phone. Tel 01434 220616 (post and packing charges apply).